Head up or sit back down.

I'm a complex soul in a simple body. My dreams don't fit and the path I'm on won't get me anywhere. But why frown when life throws you a hundred reasons to smile?



Recently, an All Time Low fan snuck her way into a friend of the band’s wedding so that she could take pictures with the band. Now, I’ve been obsessive. I’ve stayed hours after shows to meet band members, screamed behind the barricade, but crashing somebody’s wedding is a serious invasion of privacy. Girls (most of them, the stereotypical ones at least) dream their whole life about their wedding day. Weddings are expensive, and lying your way in is rude. It’s 2012 and I’m sure whoever this girl is can find a way to apologize, but when this girl (whose name is obviously a derivative of Katie) looks back on her wedding day for the rest of her life, this is what she is going to remember. People like this are really messed up, I wish something could be done legally for them. “Katie” didn’t choose for her friends to be put in a spotlight like this, and she shouldn’t be subjected to have her big day ruined like that either. I want to find that girl’s tumblr and get her to apologize so badly. And to “Katie,” I truly apologize.